Still Stuck due to the Supervisor’s inability to understand your Product, Research?

The Final Count down for your success … your Degree:

The biggest trap of a man-made education system where your ability, IQ, Skills, innovation, and aptitude are measured by another person who is so-called Doctor/Supervisor holding a degree already for which you are struggling for. His degree is proof that he is qualified, knows more than you, has more aptitude, and the ability to analyze your project or research.

Do your supervisor really have all this knowledge, abilities, aptitude, and creativity more than you, if you accept that. Close this website.

Research Paper Publishing – A Pure Business Game for Journals and Rating for Institutes

In this 21-century academic world, where publishing a research paper has become a level of gauge one’s ability and aptitude. This worthless research publishing is just pushing students to produce quantity and help academia statistics for research production rather than work for their food and create their project or research as their business product. RESEARCH which is so class re-search (Search about the search) which is actually 90% copy-paste of already published works with just change of wording and give it the term “No-Plagiarism”. where software decides the plagiarism and research is accepted even without read by journal teams, who are only interested in the submission fee (a pure business). Journals have become a pure business costing hundreds of dollars to accept papers, publish them, and earn millions from students who are even in their universities on the name of Research publishing.

I am not against the research, but this concept has evolved in academia and pushing the students to a concept of “helping the science and research” to promote their institution rating rather than the betterment of the student.

What is happening in Universities and Institutions?

Hundred of students are doing Suicide [ Nadia Suicide 2020 – 15 years in PHD ( Link) ] due to stuck in their projects, research, and thesis work. Thousands have left the colleges and universities with incomplete degrees and millions are in depression and frustration due to low grades awarded after supervisor grading and harassment during supervision.

One can judge the 100 meter running race winner, but not creativity, IQ and abilities of a person. This all judging is forge. (F)

I can’t change the system, but I can write this guide, maybe one of thousand readers can pick this concept that can change his mindset in a positive way.

What you should do?

Still Stuck due to supervisor and professor’s inability to understand your product, research, creations?

If you think your supervisor is not good at judging you and you are better in any term, don’t let your life wasted by the so-called supervisor or judging body grading.

  • First of all, Fight for your Grades and try to convince them.
  • If they are still unable to understand your project, concept, or research: Accept that bullshit grades and carry on…
  • If you think, your project/research has real value, Publish it as Research Paper – as an only main author with your name and sole publisher (without supervisor name)
  • Apply for Patent – as an only main scientist with your name as an innovator (without supervisor name)
  • Get copyrights for your design and creations, if it is related to some design or creativity (without supervisor name and without any sharing)
  • Launch the product/service or concept in the market. you don’t need grades here.
  • If still, no-body is accepting your creativity, research, concept (REJECTED BY Journal, Patent body), write a WHITE PAPER, and publish it on websites, forums, and blogs with your name. (Example of bitcoin white paper by anonymous publisher)
  • Your grade should not be a hurdle in your life. you can still get a good job with low grades if you have extraordinary abilities that are rejected by judging body or supervisor.
  • If you are agreed to the above article, then Job is not for you. you should start your own business.

What you should not do?

  • Never Give your product, idea, creation’s Copyright to your institute or Supervisor in written form.
  • Never Include your supervisor as the second author if he/she is not supporting you and not agreed to your creation/research philosophy.
  • Never work for FREE. May it be for Mother of Science or for Father of Research.
  • Your Idea, Product, and Research is your property, Never Lose the Ownership of it.

Do you still believe in Grades and Supervisor’s ability to judge you ?

This article is not for you. Kindly close this website. Thank you !