How to do Private BA from Punjab University

Tutorial on How to do from Punjab University (PU), Lahore

Higher education is the aim of every student. Due to many circumstances, many students especially girls are unable to go for regular studies in Colleges and Universities. In this real-world, Education is as important as food. If you have passed Intermediate, then you can go for bachelor studies from Punjab University privately without stopping.  The Complete details for private BA from PU has been explained with steps.


1) The minimum requirement for getting admission in Private BA is Intermediate. If you has passed FA, FSC, ICom from any Intermediate boards, then you can get admission in PU.
2) The Punjab domicile is must for Punjab University. You must have domicile of Punjab for getting admission in PU.
3) The minimum passing is only required for admission, No specific percent marks are required.

If you fulfill above eligibility, then your admission is confirmed.

First Step:

Registration with PU

The first step is to get register with Punjab University. BA registration is normally open in the month of May/June and remain open till the month of July with some double fee, if you get late..  so be quick in registration with PU as soon as it opens.
Cost : The PU BA registration will cost you around 3720 with single fee. and If you get late, and time goes up.  you can get registration with Double Fee.

In Registration Step, You just have to register with PU by sending your details, info etc to PU. No mention of subjects or papers is required at this time.

How to Send registration ?

1) When Punjab University Registration Opens, Download BA Registration from from this link
2) Print out that form, Then Fill out that form
3) Attached required documents with it (Intermediate mark sheet copy, Domicile copy, ID Card copy, and Photo graphs with registration form and attest the form.
4) Deposit Registration Fee in Bank that is mentioned below Registration form present in your area.
5) Attached all Documents, Deposit receipt and send it to Punjab University Registration Address through TCS or Post Office Registry.

When you have successfully Send your registration to PU, You will get your Registration Card from PU after 4 – 5 months at your home address. Congratulations, now you have become student of Punjab University, Lahore

When you are eligible for Registration year ?
If you have passed Intermediate in year 2011 (during August), Then you send your registration must in May/ June 2012

Step 2:

Select BA Subjects for Study:

The Selection of BA subjects is very difficult and complex task. All your career and marks depend on these subjects. so the complete analysis and research is required for selecting subjects for BA.

Soon Article on Selecting BA subjects will be available. Till now you take subjects of ISL, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Journalism, History, Geography. Because these subjects give highest marks. Don’t try to go for English Literature. Because its very difficult to pass and don’t give good marks.

Step 3:

Send Admission Form to PU:

Now the next step is to send your Admission Form for the exams of BA.
The Admission Date for BA are publish on PU website   in the month of September/ Oct every year.  When you see that Admission forms date is announced. Send your admission to PU as quick as possible. Admissions are send before  8 months before final exam. means if you have done registration in 2018 then you have to send admission in 2019 for the exam held in April 2020.

In Admission form, Mention your BA subjects which you are going to take in final exam..

How to Send Admission Form to PU Lahore:

1) Download Admission form from PU website
2) Fill the admission form and attach the following items with it ( Photos, Registration Slip copy) and other required as mentioned on the form.
3) Attest form from any professor or 17th grade Officer.
4) Submit challan form in the bank, mentioned branch in form and attach a copy with form
5) Send the final draft to PU Lahore by TCS or Post Office.

You will get Your Roll no slip before 1-2 months of exams on your Home Address.

Step 4:

Prepare your exams:
Give your full time to your studies and full interest. prepare well all material, text books, guides, Past papers.

Past Papers are very important for BA Exams, many questions repeat after 2 years. almost 50% questions are same in exams after 2 – 3 years gap.

Step 5:
Give Your exam:
Final Exams are held in month of May / June  . Give your Exam. with following instructions
1) Min 5 -6 pages for each questions
2) Give Quotes of famous personalities
3) Uses Graphs
4) Give Your our Recommendations for each problem
5) Make Your own Headings for question, dnt use book headings
6) Don’t remember questions/answers of BA English at end of book or Guide.  Just understand all story and be ready to answer any type of question

I will publish article on How to Do BA English paper soon on . there i will explain all tips and tricks to pass BA English paper.

Step 6:
BA Exam Result:

Result will be Declared in Month of August.
I hope this Article will help to make your studies continuous by private study.