Best VPN Provider for 2023 – Huge Discount on VPN

Hidden Reality behind the VPN:

Virtual Private Network is becoming a hot topic over the internet due to privacy concerns of user data in 2023. Online Users want to hide their true identity and IP address location while surfing the internet. Best VPN 2023 provides you a secure environment over the internet to protect your internet activity, browsing history, web access logs, and message contents. Once you are connected to VPN, your all traffic, web browsing, streaming, videos, file sharing, web messages, and all communication passes through secure encrypted computer systems located at VPN provider data centers. It creates a tunnel between your system and the VPN system with highly secure encryption. The IP address of the VPN system is used for all activities and your original IP is concealed for that communication. This is how the VPN actually works at the backend.

Is VPN 2023 really Secure and worth the monthly fee?

Yes, VPN 2023 is a great tool for those people who want to keep their online privacy, but always go for paid one with good market reviews.

VPN has a few risks too like hacking of a VPN account,Server compromised, VPN Logs, VPN logs demanded by home security etc.

Advantages of VPN:

There are many advantages of using VPN in 2023 for legal purpose too

  • You can access websites without any restrictions.
  • If your ISP is having any issues with website IP or DNS propagation, you can open the website easily with a VPN
  • If you using the internet at a net cafe, public park, restaurant or cafe. VPN is the best tool to keep your privacy and security over your communication.
  • Many websites use your IP for advertisement purposes. you can use VPN to skip advertisements.

Note: Do not use VPN for any Illegal purposes. Always use VPN for legal purposes.

Best VPN Providers for 2023

There are hundred of online VPN providers available, many of them are free and some are paid too. But the best 3 of them are

1- IPVanish (Good till now)

2- NordVPN (compromised once in 2018)

3- ExpressVPN (server seized in turkey)

Paid VS FREE VPN Provider:

Many Free VPN providers are available online to get install and connect with their system for secure browsing but, are they really secure? a big question mark… When they are offering free services, they have to bear the cost for their servers, staff, marketing, maintenance, saleries.. so they will find out a way to become profitable. This can be through in-app Ads, or through selling user data. so be aware and do not use free VPN providers.

Why IPvanish is best VPN in 2023?

IPvanish is one of the best solutions for VPN available over the internet with amazing monthly and yearly packages. IPvanish offers monthly Promo codes and coupon codes for its members to get a huge discount through “offer3” coupon code ipvanish. Offer3 promo code for ipvanish is trending nowadays for its huge discount up to 75% on the yearly price.

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