Mars a backup world for Rich? incase of Bio War, Viruses, Catastrophic event?

In 1607 nobody knew what America would once be when the colony of Jamestown was founded in Virginia.

In this new world, the first settlers mainly wanted freedom and opportunity. Now 300 years later, ambitious people have their sites in another new world, which can open new opportunities for mankind.

What would happen if

Probably you have heard of a possible colony at Mars and think about it in the distant future.

What if, in your lifetime, and perhaps in the next 30 years I told you that could be??

Mars Facts:

Mars is the fourth closest to the sun but only 142 million miles distant. mars is a fairly tiny world.

It occupies 55.8 million square miles, about 141 million less than Earth’s.

It is home to Olympus Mons the highest volcano in the entire solar system, a 16-mile high 3-fold mount.

There is also a network of valleys that extend across the same area in the entirety of the USA.

Why are we heading to Mars?

There are several reasons why scientists and others believe that exploring the possibility of life on Mars is important and even essential.

A backup world ? in case of world war, Bio War, Spread of Virus like Coronovirus ?

Every progress made and the whole of the human race could be wiped out if people on Earth had ever been confronted by a catastrophic event like the asteroid, likely to take almost all of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

Some people also see the creation of a colony on Mars as the ultimate challenge to test human knowledge, capacity, and resources.

Mars colonization represents a new beginning and a chance to build a more perfect society.

Researchers also discovered that the materials of Mars, including oil, oxygen, hydrogen, or nitric, are important for life.

Who is the Colony going to start?

The community Mars One, headed by CEO Bas Lansdorp, gained significant publicity for their proposal to create a colony on March 2030.

They were even approached by thousands of people who wanted to help create the colony, but Mars One was very specific about the risks involved.

Thousands of people even received applications for colony-building, even though Mars One was very clearly aware of the risks involved. But scientific and engineering criticized Mars One for its lack of focus on the logistics industry involved and was mainly characterized by the scientific community as a suicide mission. Mars One failed in 2019, but others are doing a more serious job in preparation for Mars life.

Mars One bankrupted in 2019, but many people did a more effective job in planning for Mars life. The most enthusiastic individual possibly is Elon Musk who establishes a Mars colony.

Elon has said, “People are probably going to die … but ultimately it’s going to be very safe for you to go to Mars and that’s going to be very comfortable.”

How is life on Mars going to be?

Perhaps most importantly, Mars is not actually habitable to men — not without proper infrastructure — in the argument over creating a settlement on Mars.

The gravitational forces of Mars are just one-third and the atmosphere is much thinner.

Nor with an average temperature of about 80 ° F, is the temperature particularly uncomfortable although the time can range from 195 to 68 ° F.

People that reside on Mars can not adopt the same calendar as Earthlings.

Days are less than 25 hours, so Mars needs 687 days this year, because it requires some energy for the sun to circle them.

What is the quality of it?

Mars One said that the first four people would cost approximately $ 6 billion to travel to Mars, but no one else in this particular race agrees with that figure.

Elon Musk reports that it will cost around 10 billion per human to hit Mars with the latest technologies.

His goal to reduce these costs requires the production of a reusable rocket that can transport up to 100 individuals at once and cost a ton less than $100,000.

The first Mars mission, estimated by NASA and Space X, is expected to cost a total of $230 billion around 2035, with the following trips costing approximately $142 billion each.

Of course, we are just concerned about how much it will cost first of all to get to Mars, not about how much it cost to create and preserve a safe human environment on the red planet.

Continuous water production, power processing, and constructing systems that can survive the rugged weather require high expense.

Is New America The Mars?

America, It was a clean slate that colonists built up, a new branch of mankind, which ultimately came together to develop the most economically, politically, and militarily powerful nation in the world.

Modern colonists and their descendants created flourishing industries, founded towns and communities, tried all America could bring, and established a prosperous country with what it had.

In a number of ways, Mars parallels America as a new world. Yeah, Mars’s a new America, we think it’s fair to tell. This is a blank slate with many options and an opportunity.

The Question that Raises?

Who will Owns the land of mars?

Who will Control the Mars?

Only the powerful and technological advance nation …. it may be America, Russia or some New emerging powerful nation after 40 – 50 yearsyears.

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