Is it Better to be Single or be in a Relationship? (Guide)

Single or be in a Relationship

Which relationship is better or which is easier? To be free or to be committed, having interference of someone in everything you do? Are you really going to check whether it is live without anyone or is it really a good thing to have someone you love in your life?

Is it really worth the risk?

There are numerous things one can do alone and absolutely love it. You will have the liberty to whatever is it that you like and it will help you grow without anyones need. Plus you will have the opportunity to meet new people and get acquainted to them.


Obviously there are many things that you will see will want you be in a relationship and that will attract you.

The point below will make a decision for you. Is it a relationship or be single?

Advantages of Being Single

These are the major advantages one can have to be single. Singlehood may sound lonely but there are so many things you need to be acknowledged of. Take a look at the following:

No one to demand time from you.
This something you can get hold of, your time. There is no time bounding or anyone demanding your time. You will be free to do whatever you like at that moment. No preplanned plans or anywhere to head to.

You can freely do the things you want.
No one gives you your liberty. But because of this you can,

  • Travel alone
  • Stay overnight
  • No asking permissions
  • Late night coming home.

Making a decision for yourself will be less complicated.
Everything major you want to do for yourself, there is no need for you to ask anyones permission or approval. If its something that you want then you can have it. But in a relationship its all opposite. Being single allows you to new different things without any backlash.

Focusing on your studies or work will be easier.

  • Concentration on studies
  • No date schedules
  • No expensive gifts or shopping
  • Work on time.

You can easily go out with your friends and family members.
Being single lets you spend time with your friends with both guys and girls without any restrictions or being in the fear of fights or having to choose between guy and girl friend. And not being gender specific to it.

It saves you from headaches and Tensions.
Being in a relationship may give you stress or desires that you not have had before and not getting them will lead you to unhappiness. Breakups may end up for you as a heartache.

You have more time to reach for your dreams and goals.
By this you can focus on your life goals and will have the freedom of choice. There wont be anyone who would stand in against of that or because of whom you just have to compromise. Eg, ypur girlfriend is somewhere else and your dream is in another place. That would ruin things, wouldn’t it?

You have a lot of time to discover yourself.
self exploration is the main benefit. How you may fit in? Or you may want things to work out or what do you like or want or maybe where do you want to go and start an new life. These are your questions concerning only you.

Saving up becomes more attainable and easy.
Money saving will be an ace with this single life. You can save up from

  • Dates
  • Presens
  • Other expenses ectectra

You can spend more time with your family and friends.
This will help you in getting to know your parents better and will give you a chance of spending more time with them and your lovely friends. This is strengthen your bond.

This would be like family time. Siblings, parents, friends, relatives ectectra. Affection from your life will never go away.


Having a partner for your life will also. Give you a wonderful future ahead, but these benefits can only be attained when you have. A good and healthy relationship going on for you. That means that you are going to have the respect, trust and true love, plus loyalty as well. These are the points written below that will help you to know what a healthy relationship looks like

There is someone to inspire you.

Being in love with someone and having them in your life will build in more confidence and inspire you to grow and have good things in your life for yourself. Obviously you will be needing. That you should be good for him or her, but that would be for you as well because. By this you will be able to improve emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.

Someone will be there for you whenever you are down.

Being in love with someone and having to be in a relationship with them, you may not be alone because they will be by your side every time. Whenever you are in a difficulty. Because of this, you will not have to face problems alone.

It can bring you happiness and joy.
Being in a relationship makes you feel like the most happiest person in your life, as because you don’t care about the material possessions that you have, or you may get, but the good feelings and all the things making you overwhelming are the things that you will be needing or wanting for you. Because this will bring a feeling that you may be wanting to compromise or sacrifice anything for them in order to be with them in the first place. Plus this brings values into your life as you will be more encouraging, supporting and others etc.

It makes you realize that you are worthy to be loved.
Besides, any benefit that you may get because of being in a relationship, this one is the best as you can be emotionally strong when you have a loving girlfriend or boyfriend. This will make you think that you are worthy of being in love. And by this you can gain self confidence and your self esteem will grow.

And you will be able to love yourself despite the flaws you have.

You can have a partner/supporter in reaching your dreams and goals.
Being single may give you the freedom to do whatever you like in your life, but to have a partner that you love along with it will be the best decision you can make for the rest of your life as it will help you in making your dreams possible for you and you will be able to make them true.

It can reduce your stress level (sometimes).
A good relationship helps you in order to boost your hormones. Makes you feel good. Becomes a helpful guide for you. And it will avoid health problems.

You got an accountability partner in pursuing a healthier lifestyle.
If your boyfriend or girlfriend is very caring for you, then you will be able to maintain a healthier lifestyle for you as they will encourage you to do what they are doing for themselves. This will create a healthier lifestyle for the both of you.

Having a best friend in your partner is a blessing.
A boyfriend or girlfriend gives you a best friend automatically as they will know everything that you do and will be your confidante.

You learn a lot in true love.
True love is patient, selfless, unconditional and Lovely. And many emotions that come with it. Plus something that you might not think will be included, but loyalty comes along with it. Learning this kind of love will make you a better person, since you would know how to win the life of someone you actually love.

Single or in a Relationship?


  1. Donot rush.
  2. Love will find you.
  3. Learn the odds first.


  1. Be patient.
  2. Enjoy its beauty and serenity.
  3. Enjoy being loved and getting attention.

Enjoy the way you want to, don’t go after what others are doing. Decide for yourself.

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