Important facts about Dreams

10 important facts about dreams

Dreams are supposed to be exciting or maybe terrifying, which you can call a nightmare, but it can just be a plain weird dream as well. There’s not really an explanation made as to why we dream, but the researchers have told us about what actually happens when we’re dreaming. These are the 10 most important facts written below. Considered as important about dreams.

Every specie dreams.

As for the research, it has told that adults and babies dream alike. They dream for about 2 hours each night.  Even when some people say that they are not dreaming or they haven’t had a dream today, they just don’t remember it. They had seen a dream last night. A study has also told that some people tend to see several dreams every night. And each can be for about 5 to 20 minutes per dream.

As to what the study has told us. People tend to spend six years on dreaming.

Simplified theory on why we dream. 7 theories are written below.

It has been concluded that 95% of the dreams that we see are usually forgotten when we wake up. There is also a theory made on why it is difficult to remember the dream that we had last night. The thing told us that the changes in the brain during sleep was not really supportive enough of the situation that was told in the dream. So the processing and the storage needed to keep this. The memory of the dream was taking very much time and This is why it is very difficult to remember the dream.

In the rapid eye movement REM sleep stage. Is when dreaming mostly happens. And the brain scans of the people. Has been telling that this area plays a really important role in keeping memory storage. But the fact that we don’t remember the memories is because the frontal lobes are inactive in the REM sleep.

Colors of dreams.

Dreams tend to come in the colored form or even in black and white. Some people report that they have dreamed in color. But there is a small fraction of percentage that tells that they dreamt in black and white.

Each gender dream differently.

Professionals have found that there are many differences that are found when compared between the dream of a man and a dream of a woman. If we talk about things like weapons, men tend to dream about them more than women. But the preferred. Things of women are usually clothing and that’s what they dream about and that is more than men.

When talking about physicality and other values of life. Women tend to have dreams about rejection and other stuff. And less physical things, but it is actually vice versa for men as they tend to have violent content in their dreams.

When we talk about the duration of dreams, women tend to have longer dreams than men. And they tend to have more people in it. But if we look at the dreams of men, they tend to dream about their own gender twice, then the opposite.

Dreams of animals.

There is a theory about dogs that when they move around their trail, they are dreaming. But the factual theory is not yet proven. But researchers have told that it is most likely that animals do dream.

Animals also have sleep stages like REM sleep and non REM sleep.

Can we control our dreams? Yes.

A lucid dream is termed to be known as that when you are dreaming and you are asleep, you just tend to know the fact that you are still in a dream. It is a combination of both being conscious and the stage of REM sleep. The dream content. Can be controlled in this situation.

It is not really known whether lucid dreams are frequent or not, but some people tend to have them more.

Common negative emotions.

A study has told that emotions are usually experienced when people are dreaming Calvin S Hall  PhD has have made reports on 50,000 dreams of college students. These public reports were given out in 1990.

Negative feelings and anxious emotions are usually the most experience dream emotions seen

Visually dreams by blind people.

It is proven that blind people that cannot see by birth can actually see visual dreams while sleeping.

It is because of the eye movements in the REM sleep.

Paralysis while dreaming

This state is called REM atonic. It is the prevention of movements while dreaming. This is just that the motor neurons are not stimulated so the body does not respond to any message of movement.

It can also turn into sleep paralysis when the waking state starts for 10 minutes.

This may look frightening, but it is a very normal thing to happen. The muscle control will come back within time.

Universal dreams.

Cultural dreams are also something that happens around. Usually dreams are based on personal experiences, but there can be dreams that come around because of the similar culture.

Dream about being chased or being attacked or even falling off a staircase except rhe. The experience of not being able to move. Or not being or time or being seen in the wind. Or in an appropriate way these are the kinds of normal dreams that people experience

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