How to make yourself Busy when you are Alone

Things you can do to make yourself busy when you are alone

Loneliness is seen to be as a threat to a healthy lifestyle. As it would risk you your mental illness, can cause heart strokes, high blood pressure issues and even the infamous Alzheimer’s disease. Even though interacting and having a social life would bring you immunity, and little to zero stress.

Research has found something that would benefit the loners. Having things you can do alone is a gift. Its like independency on having the need of no one in order to enjoy the time. This will make you love your own surroundings. And will help you in self discovery.


Self isolation leads to problems but having a little time for yourself won’t kill. Study has brought that its actually good to have time alone, a little in order to be ahead of getting to know one self. As somethings need no distractions at all. You can do it and ace it without any assistance.

Many people tend to find alone time for themselves. The point of wanting yourself alone time does say a lot about ones personality.

There are many advantages and disadvantages for having solitude as your partner.

  • Introverts prefer alone time
  • Extroverts resent alone time

Even if you appreciate human presence I think you would definitely have yourself be drawn to that 1 hour you will get every day for yourself.

Being alone and loneliness both have different meanings and values. The sentiment for each is different. Loneliness is having just no one by your side and being alone is choosing to be alone. Being alone is that you are taking time out for your self.

Benefits of solitude

  • You choose it
  • Maintenance of relationships
  • You can always go back to being social
  • You enjoy your company, helps in self discovery.
  • Otherwise being left out and having yourself be by you only and it being not a voluntary decision makes it sad a punishment to actually see it.

Things that will make you enjoy your own company

It may be difficult at the beginning but its just till you get fond of it. Value that silence.

  • Buy yourself a dinner
  • Go watch a movie alone
  • Go to a concert, dance it out
  • Go for hiking

These the psychological advantages one will get through solitude time.

  • Nature helps us to focus, on the grey areas of life, the ending relationship, or how to mend your friendship or restoring your confidence and even on issues like budgeting etcetera
  • It will give you time to think about future, about what you want and what you get and how you want it. It will buy you time to think about your ambitions and aspirations.
  • To self travel, vacation the hell out of yourself! Make it a remarkable experience worth remembering.
  • Explore something new, sign up for crafts classes, start journaling, do writing.
  • Go to a museum.
  • Do volunteering work. Sign up for scouts. Go to social events. Make a contribution. Try to bring hope into some people.

The advantages of Being Alone

There are several benefits of having alone time for ourselves. It has both mental and physical benefits.


IWhen you are in a group you expect your team mates to remember stuff. But when you are on self, you tend to have the burden on yourself only.

Prioritize your interests

Alone time brings self awareness and by that you tend to think about yourself which in turn help you to find out about your preferences and interests


Do diy stuff, room decorations and recycling stuff. Do puzzling and scrabble. Play word search.

Better relationships

If you have time to be by yourself, you will be able to Take care of yourself and by this it will show that you know how to be considerate towards yourself and others. You will just know then how to take care of your partner.

  • Note that intelligent people loose their intelligence slowly if they keep on socializing a lot
  • Having and solo break would help you definitely. It will make you connect with yourself


Giving time to each thing separately would bring efficiency into it


This will make you think about people bring empathy to you.

This practice will bring out the best in you. You will start emoting and you will love to express.

Don’t let alone time become constant, it brings depression

Make yourself decide on how to be alone

  • Its hard but its not impossible
  • This plan shouldn’t be involuntary, you will choose it for yourself then only it will benefit you
  • Make list of me time
  • Leave everything you do in a routine, list down new stuff
  • Learn its importance
  • Its better to spend your leisure time as part of thinking your mind out
  • Listen to soothing music.
  • Meditate
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