How to Make Money through Blogging, A Complete Guideline

How to Make Money through Blogging, 2020


You will be in the right spot if you are here to learn how to make a blog of money. Here is a list of 12 proven methods. They will be discussed one by one;

  1. Sponsored Blog Content
  2. Blog Advertisements
  3. Physical Products
  4. Sell Your Own Services
  5. Virtual Summit Launch
  6. Podcast Sponsorships
  7. Affiliate Programs
  8. Sell Online Courses
  9. Release a Software Tool
  10. Writing &  Selling eBooks
  11. Business Partnerships
  12. Freelancing.

Before we move to the ways of money blogging, let’s get a fast rundown of what you need to run an excellent blog first-hand, keep the following point in your mind;

  • Find a clear niche for your blog

Your niche of the blog is not just a theme or a collection of related topics, it goes so much deeper, and having that coherent focus is essential for making money blogging eventually, as it gives your readers a reason to come back regularly.

  • Write consistently

So you have some traffic in a few blog posts that start to stand out in the search engines. This is an excellent beginning on your journey to know how to build blogging money.

When you begin to succeed a bit in content and start playing, you will gradually get even more traffic every other week, and this can be easy to assume that sitting and relaxing are all right.

  • Do SEO blog writing

It is more valuable to nail SEO blogs whenever it comes to make money from blogging. Even the most hugely experienced marketers are enabled to search optimization, but SEO is essential to make money from blogging.

Now we are in the fun part, the 12 best ways of money blogging;

1. Sponsored Blog Content

Sponsored content is a proven and real asset for brands of any sort, and the right setup works perfectly.

What is meant by sponsored content?

The company will be paying a fee for posting an article on it/on a subject relating to it, in which its service, product, or brand is the tool about which the readers would like to know more significantly. It is one of these reasonable offers between a blogger as well as an advertiser that you both enjoy.

If sponsored products are done well (and not merely a simple publicity), they tend to be authentic, exclusive, and free of highly pressurized sales.

How are you sponsored?

You can already have sponsorship opportunities overflowing your inbox when you run a popular, heavy-handed blog. If it does not look like where you are now, let us tell you how long it takes to get content to be sponsored.

  • Find a few products as well as their companies that suit your niche perfectly
  • You will often find that these are products/services that you are already using for yourself. Create a list of 10 items, at least, which you would like to endorse and can promote with enthusiasm.
  • The next one is the hardest, but not much hard.  Go to the websites and search for someone in the development and marketing or PR of the company, and find their email address by simple blogging tools such as Voila Norbert or Hunter. Pay attention to the fact that many corporations open to sponsorships actively post a sponsorship email at their pages somewhere.
  • It is time, finally, to email the people to whom you want partnership on sponsored material for your readers, including a significant focus on why they owe the sponsoring dollars to you.

Necessarily, you will need a media kit to identify your sponsorships if you intend to go on the paid advertising route. It is imperative to have a marketing package not only to target the best business but also to set prices first.

Elements of Media Kit?

Below are the main elements to be used in your particular media kit for making money blogs and sponsors of land quality:

  • Give a quick blurb of you

Even so, you are indeed the product & also your blog. Why are sponsors going to invest in you?

  • Your readership breakdown

Who is your fan? What are their motives? What are they buying?

  • Your report on traffic

You will display statistics for the page view, so marketers can see how many people they can touch.

  • Opportunities to advertise

What do you sell? Spaces for ads? Blogs sponsored? Podcast announcements? Partnerships for Affiliates? Everything above?

  • Price/Cost    

At first, this may be scary, however, if you make sure that the rates are appropriate for your audience numbers (and level of interaction), then you are right. Review other blog posts media kits in your particular industry to find out just how they value their opportunities & how you start comparing them.

It is more common to control $100-$500 if you are just beginning, and you’ve got a dedicated, expanding reader base that will move your sponsor’s needle.

Make it simple, concise, and visually appealing for your media collection.

2. Blog Advertisements:

Showing ad space is perhaps the simplest, the most basic & fastest way to begin money blogging. This means that the primary component of the necessary advertising space seems to be how to earn money from blogging. However, as it is relatively easy to do, in return on investment, it often seems to cost the least.

Are blog ads still a valid way to blog income?

Briefly, yes. In particular digital marketing strategies and for a valid reason, advertising space still constitutes an active part. In the first place, it imitates advertising before the modern era – advertisements, placements in magazines & newspaper ads. .In the proper blog, advertising can be beneficial to get a company’s brand out & in front of the consumer.

7 Blogger’s best ad display networks

If you like to earn money by using ad networks, some best choice for your blog to accurately assess are:

  • Mediavine (All subjects)    
  • PropellerAds (All subjects)  
  • Carbon Ads (design, business, and development) 
  • Google AdSense (All Themes) 
  • BlogAds (All topics) 
  • Taboola (All subjects)
  • (Themes)

If you want to have a more profound influence over the advertising on your site, then we suggest that you use a platform like Sponsored Content (earlier in this thread) to make money by blogging for a sponsor who wishes to reach your people.

3. Physical Products

Well, okay, if you started a blog and you think you do not want it in the space of the physical product, by developing goods and delivering items, you just want to write and make money from blogging. 

However, now there has been much improvement in recent years.

You do not need to stock your collection anymore – you can stock the products by yourself on shipping containers without printing a shipping label. This quite hands-off approach means that the sale of products nowadays makes money blogging very attractive.

What does Dropshipping mean?

Dropshipping is a marketing strategy that can be used to operate an online shop without inventory.

After you have sold a product from your blog, you’ll be delivered directly to your customer’s door by your supplier (a company that stores and delivers orders for sellers) for a service charge, of course. However, you will never be worried about your products’ storage, packaging, or shipment.

Some examples of products that you can sell through dropshipping are;

  • Protein powder, vitamins & nutrition supplements
  • Yoga pants & active wear for women
  • Chargers, speakers, & other travel gadgets ( if you are a travel blogger)
  • Make-up & cosmetic products

Moreover, you will also have to quickly create an online shop that is closely linked to your blogs to collect orders, customer details, payments, and keep your orders up-to-date.

4. Sell Your Services:

Selling the time, skills, and expertise for a service is very closely aligned with marketing online courses.

Nonetheless, when providing your product, the critical difference is that you work with a customer individually or in a small group to provide individualized assistance or deliverables.

Which services can you sell?

Some services are mentioned here that you can sell online,

  • Hourly consultation with companies
  • Logos on sites such as Dribble or 99 designs  
  • Train individuals on a monthly contract
  • Write a brand copy or blog
  • Edit podcasts and use your knowledge of audio techniques
  • Making online brand’s search engine optimization projects
  • Making software tools or websites for companies
  • It can be provided as a service if you have a talent

5. Virtual Summit Launch

A virtual summit is a previously recorded or live event with many guest speakers in tow to a particular topic. That is why you should always harp on how important it is to find your tribe.

If you have a community of readers of the same spirit on your email list, each with its communities that agree with your post, then you have a virtual summit awaiting an invitation. You can monetize the summit with the ways discussed below.

How to monetize a Summit?

Now, a summit can be monetized in several different ways.

  • The simplest way to do the first tour is to sell entrance tickets. Tickets are available for sale. Depending on the organization, anywhere between $20 and $200 is accessible.

Prices for early birds will be reduced. Ask all speakers to encourage their audiences to participate.

  • The second way to monetize the summit is by allowing the audience to watch the presenters that they missed during the live session, via selling them an access pass.
  • You will make money by also offering another product (perhaps an online course,  a coaching package, or an e-book that covered the topics discussed during the live summit.) just after the event takes place for the summit viewers by using both approaches.

In any event, you are likely to focus mainly on creating a virtual summit.

6. Podcast Sponsorships

If you asked yourself that how much you wanted to launch a podcast. Well, that is your opportunity now. It is going to be lots of fun, plus you can make a profit blogging considerably. It takes time for the audience to build up. If you have already done something right to create content and generate regular readers to your blog posts, however, by promoting it all to your current audience, you can release your podcast with such a bang.

How to start a Podcast?

  • If you have a short time, you can start with your current blog posts, convert them into a talked word, and start regularly posting them as the podcast episodes, which convey the most frequently used blog content (sharing previews of the current state of work).

Throughout your first several months, if your show becomes amusing or even you discuss interesting subjects or bring exciting guests, then you will probably attract more audiences. Promote your podcast as well as a blog by refined bloggers to play other Podcasts. You can offer guest blogging & make a social society to share new information and content.  

You can also add a podcast at the media kit and charge sponsors for podcast advertisements like thirty-second mid-rolls, pre-rolls, & post rolls to connect your sponsored services and products after you have a Podcast, which includes regular listenership.

7. Affiliate Programs:

Let us speak about affiliate services. Joining many affiliate programs (and promoting them) is probably easier than blog sponsoring.

Companies, who already have sponsorship programs, are happy to pay you in order to handle your blog followers — and you wouldn’t need to sponsor or waste time in making your own offer before you begin to make money blogging through Affiliate programs.

However, it typically takes a certain amount of traffic to your blog in order to achieve significant income from affiliation marketing.

Here is one snapshot of affiliate earning via Blue Host,

You are paid for recommending a product to your readers, much like sponsorships. Best of all, several businesses offer affiliate services. There are lots of options for entering productive affiliate programs from the Amazon affiliate system to Aim to eBay.

The cold reach stage that other channels, such as sponsorship & independence require is also skipped by affiliate programs. Moreover, many affiliate programs, such as the best web hosting strategies are fully automated to get you online and to promote quickly.

List of best affiliate programs:

It depends heavily on the niche you write in to earn your living to blog with affiliates. Here are some of the best choices for the best affiliate blogging initiatives:

  • CreativeLive
  • Amazon Associates
  • Udemy
  • Shopify
  • Bluehost
  • HubSpot
  • And many more

As there are many affiliating programs to make money from which to blog.

Our advice is to concentrate on only  (proven) affiliate programs with the content you have produced (liked with the latest blogging side projects SmartWP), to avoid being frustrated with this platform when you are only beginning to learn how to earn money on the internet from blogging.

8. Sell Online Courses:

Can you teach other people a skill? Do you seek your expertise in a specific field from your readers?

Monetize this skill by developing an online course & you will know to earn money from blogging.

It could be as easy to build an online course as recording a series of short tutorial videos that demonstrate your blog followers how to make a difference based on their own abilities, experience, and achievements. When there are people that have excelled in something, they would be happy to take advantage of your skills and speed-up their learning curves.

Major online training platforms such as

  • Udemy,
  • Skillshare and
  • CreativeLive

They have several different courses varying from 30 minutes-30 hours or more since they are also considerably more comprehensive, the longer courses are obviously at a higher price.

An online class, on the other hand, will take you as much time as you want.

How to create an online course?

  • First, you will figure out what skill or method you want to introduce (and also how long it would take to learn it).
  • Second, you will also have to validate that concept with your readers, or else you will go and talk to your target clients to ensure that the topic you want to create has a paid audience.

The field of Social Media Marketing is indeed a perfect example of how to make money by blogging online

Health and fitness plans are also another excellent example of that you can earn profit from blogging with an online program in another niche.

Before spending too much time in the production of an online course, try to ensure that the course is appropriate for your audience.

Checking your course theory can be as easy as tweeting your idea, discussing it in the Instagram story, or may sharing a short blog article asking the readers whether it is something they would like to learn.

Feel their feedback and ask the most dedicated readers to invest their efforts into the position by pre-ordering a curriculum at a discounted price.

9. Release a Software Tool:

Do you a developer of software? If not, perhaps you have a good friend/former colleague. In its purest form, computer software can be used to automate a range of processes and stop performing the task in a somewhat more manual manner.

You can write a blog without the use of WordPress or perhaps an OptimizePress theme, but you have to keep in mind how this theme will work. It means that there is no need to touch any coding line and learn coding languages to continue operating your blog every day.

 In this context, software & other digital products are not limited to only WordPress. Other software examples are;

  • Productivity tools
  • Mobile applications
  • Customer relationship management tools (CRMs)
  • Providers of Email Marketing
  • And even video games

If a process or several tasks are carried out regularly, the software can be designed to enable automated or streamline such activities. The fun part would be to work with a few readers to build and refine your program before it is published.

10. Writing & Selling eBooks:

Publishing and selling eBooks (your own digital product) is another perfect method of blogging revenue, primarily because you do not need for extra expenses after publishing your book. This is because your profit will be scalable. Whenever you sell your new eBook instantly on your blog and retrieve your payments either through Stripe or PayPal, the overwhelming amount (and not all) of the money comes to you.

  • No middlemen
  •  No dealers
  •  No publishers

This ensures that you will keep the highest possible gross profit on your digital sales once you learn to write and advertise to sell an eBook.

To earn money from blogging is a good way, right?

It is essential to make clear that we say digital books in the format  of downloadable PDFs as we are actually speaking about eBooks. This eBook form is so easy these days to manufacture and sell.

In short, you could go the extra mile and follow the Amazon eBook path, which will also enable you to advertise your formatted audiobooks & eBooks to the hundreds or thousands of Amazon customers, whether on your own blog.

An eBook might be your perfect way to earn your income from blogging if you’re sure you have the know-how to share and compose well. Just make sure you start writing a sketch.

11. Business Partnerships

You have a crowd once you have a rising blog.

You’ll build unique business relationships as a way to earn money blogging & further monetize your followers when you have an audience who return for more of what you’re offering them.

Business partnerships can be very different, and therefore one thing can hardly be explained. A corporate collaboration can be as simple as a relationship that we discussed above.

  • Work with a tech company to label your application and sell it to your followers
  • Partners with another blogger to generate and market products to the customers
  • This is equally valid for the creation of win-win partnerships
  • Find certain companies and individuals who suit your audience, ambitions and, particularly, intends to create money blogging

All left from there is the way to work together in order to benefit all parties.

12. Freelancing:

Freelancing may not be for everyone, although it is a great choice when you decide how to blog money. As we have already talked about, you could begin self-employment on the side when you are a good writer (and at least appreciate it to develop with time), then you can share your skills with consumers who are ready to pay.

Mainly once your blog has grown to a high level and can show customers that tend to attract and interacts readers.

Now it may be your turn to become a freelance writer to assist other branded products, entrepreneurs and bloggers do that too. That is exactly where works freelance.

Your services can be sold by:

  • Consulting with & teaching marketing teams in established companies
  • Become a hired weapon that copies the website and proposes improvements for customers
  • Coach other authors and bloggers who want that results
  • Do not forget that you must have the skill to make money blogging, even if it was just trading your time for just a little extra money.

You may be the perfect way to make free use, if you are not ready to dive into any of the time-consuming ways you can blog money, or if you just want to earn some extra cash while you chip away from these larger tasks.

Call to Action:

Here is a call to action for you;

  • If you’ve not already started your blog, you should launch it right now 
  • Decide if you are going to take a longer-term path to blog money (with an improved return)
  • Begin to take small steps to create, pitch or otherwise bring this asset today to life
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