How To Eat Healthy While Working From Home

Eat Healthy While Working From Home

Unhealthy eating is such an easy addiction while you are working from home as It is an easy option to just order your favorite delicious food from your favorite diner instead of cooking a boring dish for hours in the kitchen, It automatically attracts you to give in to unhealthy eating habits. Here are 6 ways you can keep a check on your diet and adopt these diet tips.

On this World Health Day 2021 try these hacks to have a healthy, fit lifestyle.


  • World Health Day 2021 is being celebrated on 7th April
  • A large number of the population is working from home
  • Here’s how to stay healthy while at home

World Health day is being commemorated on 7th april 2021 this year. The catchphrase this time for World Health Day is that Health care service should be provided to all ad should be accessible for all. In this ‘COVID’ times which has hijacked our daily routines, we are coping with it and looking for options to pass our time, discovering new ways to live. When this lockdown will be lifted well have to start from the beginning and face this change. To start preparing ourselves for what well have to face later we should adopt similar changes in our lifestyle. Dedicate yourself to improvise our health and lifestyle by using this time and be ready for new challenges that life has to give. With most of us working from home nowadays and eating only home-cooked food as an only option, it is actually a wonderful time to get into shape and rejuvenate. Working from home has its perks like you can eat when you like, even in the middle of a conference, eat junk because of its soul food. While it a great advantage for foodies it backfires on your health as you are now eating extra, out of your break times. Stay safe, stay healthy and make each day count.

6 Ways You Can Stay In Shape While Working From Home: 

1. Eat real food

This lockdown has forced us to eat home cooked food. This a great step towards great health but as you are have started eating then eat a balanced diet.. Have moderate carbs, adequate proteins, some dairy product and lots of veggies. These foods are full of nutrition and will improve your metabolism and will result in increased productivity. This will make you full and you wont crave for empty junk filled calories.

Precook meals when you are free and store while you should eat freshly cooked meals but its better than junk food., or you can do some preparations like chopping, cleaning or making a lot of masala in one go. It will save you time and effort

2. Portions are important

Portions are very important element to your diet. Learn and understand your portions and stick to them. There is not physical activity, gyms are closed, overeating might end up you with more weight. As Physical activity is down, over eating may land you up with more weight. A simple portion chart is: 

  • 1/2 plate of vegetables.
  • 1/4th carbs or cereal,
  • 1/4th protein and
  • 150- 200mls milk.

3. Fix meal timings

Working from home has the advantage of free breaks time to time whenever you want which ends you up with eating more than you are used to eating in a normal office day . It is also a disadvantage because you disturb your eating habts and gain more weight. Working from home should have a stict break time as you have in your offices. Keep your meal timings fixed. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be done by 9pm. Take snack breaks in between your major meals for 10-15 minutes, it will refresh you. Snacking is important while working from home.

Snack on fruits, nuts, boiled or baked snacks like boiled corn, or even a fistful of bhuna chana these are very nutritious and healthy snaking items.

  1. Keep just the quantity you need to eat at your side controlled,
  2. DO NOT carry the container to your desk.
  3. Keep your desk away from the place you keep edibles to like kitchen or pantry. We don’t want you munching every time you get up from your desk.

4. Drink a lot of water 

By Constant working, you may forget to hydrate well leading to fatigue and headaches. Keep water at your table, Laziness is in our genes chances are if the water bottle is stting right next to you will drink more than 35-45mls/kg. Try and drink more in between meals, and less with meals.

5. Go easy on the caffeine

In order to work late at night or early in the morning people tend to go towards caffeine. While caffeine opens up your eyes and get you throughout the night , excessive intake of caffeine is known to be detrimental to health. 2-3 cups/day is sufficient. Some people just drink coffee in peer pressure,just because everyone is at home you don’t have to join whoever is drinking a cup. Just appreciate the time you are getting with your family wh We are lucky to get this time you have a chance to work from home. Don not disrespect your family by working and eating togethrt.. Eating with all your senses improves digestion.

6. Exercise daily

Use your time well, now that you cant go to outdoor gyms make an indoor gym ad use the time you saved to go out to gym. Youtube has solved all your problems and has all forms of home excercises with the equipment found at home. Use this time to eplore and try diiferent things, involve your family in activities.

There is a silver lining to every cloud. Those of us working, means we are employed, thank god.  Use this unique opportunity to improve your health, body, mind and soul, you may not get another opportunity. Stay healthy, stay safe, stay indoors.

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