How to Cope with the death of your Loving Pet

Coping up with the death of your Pet

This incident will obviously bring sadness and melancholy into ones heart. Having a pet and seeing its death is the worst possible thing to ever see. Its like a death of a family member.

If you are going to emotional vulnerability or you are not feeling good because of personal issues, you can always contact Samsha. Contact national helpline database.


Just try to let away those feelings. Think of it like it was just a dog or anything. This is how you can get past this. Love will obviously be there but it is necessary for you to be out of that phase. Regardless of the dead pet.

Grief can effect you emotionally, physically, mentally. Accept that you lost your pet. Try to believe in it. Its just that your pet was just like a family to you so it feels like you lost a family member. This depression and anxiety just couldn’t leave you.


Death can cause a hole inside you and you just won’t be able to let go that. Because it’s like something we lost that was very dear to us. Its just that you expect your dog to be waiting for you when you come back from work but when you come back there is no one. And thats sad. This triggers melancholy.

Its not like the one that died can be replaced but you can have another pet in order to engage yourself or have someone occupy you the same. Having a new pet will reduce your sadness

First, grieve for the one you lost and then have another pet of your own. Give it the unconditional love you used to give it to others.

To say someone to move on or that its not good to be hung up on a dead pet is wrong. It’s the most insensitive thing to say ever.

Its ok to feel this way. The grief will last till it lasts. It will not go away until its very own time. Its okay if you feel sad for a much longer time than others expected.

The feelings you have are unique. Respect it.

Honor the dead.

As we eulogize the dead family member. Eulogize the dead pet too. Give it the respect it deserves.

Memorialize your pet and worth it.

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