How to be a Good Girlfriend in so many Ways – (Guideline)

How to be a Good Girlfriend in so many Ways

Being a good girlfriend is not always crazy lovey things. It’s about sacrifice and many other values. Always be true to it. .

Trust him.
Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. It’s the most essential part of bond. Always have that. Believe him and he will believe you.

Encourage him.
Be that woman who will encourage your boyfriend to grow. Always let him try new stuff. Let him get new experiences. Encourage him to do his thing.

Be honest.
Men don’t like a woman who lies. Don’t lie. Always be honest, truthful.

Don’t flirt with other men.
Don’t play around or flirt with other men. Be consistent. Don’t ever make him feel jealous. Show him you need him after everything, tell him that he is your desire.

Don’t take him for granted.
Don’t take him for granted. Always be thankful for the little things that he does for you. Always appreciate.

Listen when he needs you.
listen to his problems. Think of it as its yours. Solve it. Always try to help me get through. Make him believe that e can survive this.

Accept his flaws.
Don’t expect your partner to be perfect. Accept him as he is. Don’t try to change him or force him to become your version of him. Its healthy for your relationship.

Don’t dwell on the past.
Let past be in the past. Don’t mention it often. Let it be buried. Give him and your love a chance.

Don’t make a decision when you’re angry.
Don’t ever make a decision when you are angry, you are obviously going to regret it. Give yourself time to cool down so you’ll come up with the best analysis.

Don’t let the day end without fixing your problem.
Always solve the fight or the issue before the day ends. Don’t let him think like you have ego and you can live like this, fighting and not making up for days. Settle things down, get past the issue.

Give him space.
Don’t pressurize him ever. Give him the space he needs. Space to have him get settled. 

Be independent.
Don’t rely on them financially or emotionally. Be an independent woman, who your man doesn’t have to take care of or think of you as a burden. You’ll look responsible.

Be empathetic.
Try to understand them and their struggles. Get to know what they feel about certain things or maybe themselves or their work.

Tell him how happy and blessed you are to have him.
Be sweet and loving. Say sweet things to him, write him meaningful notes. Tell him you are proud to be with him.

Support his passion.
Always support his dreams. Pray for him and be supportive. His success should be your success.

Tell him what bothers you.
Dont bottle things up, always share what bothering you. Never hide it. By this you will avoid fights in the future.

Inspire him.
Be that woman behind his every success. Motivation is the key.

Don’t force him to change.
Make him his better version but don’t firce things on him. Don’t try to crowd his space. Be advisable, not controlling.

Surprise him.
Boys love surprises too. Plan things for him. Make him feel special

Give him pieces of advice that build him up.
Give him advices and suggestions. Be true to him. Let him open up to you and if he does, make him have trust.

Take care of him.
Always show care, call him to check up on him. Be the one he keeps on speed dial. Cook him his favorite meals.

Try to keep discussions positive.
Try to argue less, be opinionated byt don’t be always different. Try to connect and have a healthy discussion.

Be a respectable woman.
Make him feel like he chose the right one. Carry yourself wisely, like a real lady

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