Does My Boyfriend Love Me? Here is the True Answer

Signs Your Boyfriend Really Loves You

Someone saying I love you to you doesn’t really mean that they really do love you. But you actually know that you should really know how to find an answer to that. It’s not like plucking petals of flower is a way that can help you find a an answer. It’s just trying to show maybe an emotional sentiment. Saying just that you love someone doesn’t really mean that you do. Because. In these kind of situations, words have no value, but actions have. You need to prove it by your action. If they really do love you, It’s not like if someone is saying those three words, those eight letters that they really do mean it. These are just a couple of words that people say. But in order to know that, you need to do some digging to find out true signs he loves you. Love is a tricky thing. You should always be wise with it to accept that “I love my boyfriend so much”

Does my boyfriend love me? Here is the Signs guide to Test True Love

Find out the answer as you read through the signs I listed down if your boyfriend really loves you

Signs your boyfriend loves you deeply

He always makes a great effort. (signs he loves you without saying it)
if a boyfriend really loves you. Then he even make good efforts because you always want to make you happy and wants to know what is good for you and he will do whatever it is to make. You have a pleasant day. Even not make mediocre efforts. And. Would. Have you feel his love all over again.

He always find a way to be with you and spend time.  (signs he loves you when making love)
Honey have you then he would always make time for you and. Will try to always be with you, even if he has. A hectic routine or his schedule doesn’t really have time free for him on it. If someone really wants to be with you, he will free his time. Remember that there is a big difference between someone who frees their time, and someone who has free time and they spend time with you.

He stares at you with love. (signs he’s falling in love)
If he loves you, he will literally stare at you and think of it as if he has got something that he’s always been asking for. It’s like a dream and he received it and it filled. It’s like something that was not with him, but he got it and now he is so blessed to have you. It’s not something like that. He thought he could have, but he did, and to see someone like that. It is actually a dream coming true. He just got something that he wanted for his life and now he could call it his.

He can’t keep his hands off. (signs he loves you secretly)
The fact that he loves you, he just wants to be close to and he wants to be with you, touch you and hold your hand. It’s like he just wants to. And do those beautiful and Jesus things that he likes. Being in love makes you do things like that. It’s like touching your head in different ways. Loading your hand or just having you be close to him is something that he wants for himself.

He always try to make you laugh. (signs he’s falling in love)
If he really do love you, he will be comfortable in front of you and. He would make every possible way work in order to make you happy and smile and he will make silly noises and. Silly faces in order for him to make you laugh. A guy who is into you, loves to see you smile and will do everything he can to bring it out, especially when you’re feeling down.

He misses you when you’re apart. (signs he loves you without saying it)
He will constantly try to be in contact with you. Call you a message in order for. Him to just talk to you because when he is apart from you, he just misses you every time. And. When you going, you just want to see you. Just likes to call you or text you when you fart. He just wants to check up on you whether you’re OK or not. He just wants you in his life and even never let go of you. This is what happens when there is a distance or when you sister part for an hour. People just tend to. miss you when he misses you and he will just try to be in contact with you.

He doesn’t give up. (true signs he loves you)
He will not give up on you after a fight. He will just try to mend things and even he will apologize to you when it is actually your fault because he just wants to work the Relationship and he always endures and will never lose hope because he knows how much important you are to him. He will always try to find a solution of a problem. He wouldn’t care what others say. He will never loose hope. And that’s because he loves you enough to let down his pride and make everything worth it.

He gets jealous but knows how to control this thing. (signs he loves you when making love)
Whenever he sees a guy approaching you. He will obviously tend to get jealous because it will not be normal for him to see you with someone else. But it is something that’s very normal in a relationship as they tend to have a protective shield around each other. And this only happens because he is afraid to lose you and it is just a sign of overflowing love and how much he just wants you to be his. However, if someone if a guy really loves you, he will understand that. It is bad for him an you to have this jealousy thing between each other. But if someone really does get your list, that means that they just don’t want to share you or. Maybe Want you to think about someone else. He just watched you by himself only.

He tells you his secrets. (guy loves you secretly)
He will tell you everything and never hide anything from you because he wants you to be his best friend and he just doesn’t want to hide anything from you because that will just ruin the Relationship and it just makes it very mysterious in sketchy. He opens about his deepest secrets, just like he tells to his closes buddies and. And him telling you all of his personal things. That means that he trusts you and he really loves you and he thinks that you will be able to take him out of a dark place that he will be getting the help that he used to get from other people. It will just come from you.

He includes you in his plans. (your boyfriend really is in love with you)
He would just include you in office plans and all of the things that he wants to do in his future, and maybe in the near future. He just wants you to be apart of everything apart of his future. A part of his present and everything that he is going to do. Put himself, he just wants. Do you want you to be in it. And this is shows you that he sees a future with you. And Plus, a guy wouldn’t consider a girl his life partner if he doesn’t really want her to be a part of his future

He introduces you to his family and friends. (True boyfriend love for you)
He will want you to know about your family and your friends and he will want to take this relationship to another level as he wants you to connect with his friends and family. This will tell that he wants everyone to know that you belong to him and he owns up to you and this will also show that he wants everyone to know that you associate with him. And he has no shame in being with you. He just wants everyone to know how proud he is to have a girlfriend like you.

He texts you each morning and night. (Sign of true love from boyfriend)
He text you every morning to say hi to you. He’s in love with you when you text you good morning and how was your day in at the end of the day he will just say goodnight and wants you to sleep peacefully at night. He just wants to know whether it was OK for you or not in the whole day. Music show that he thinks of you every day and night, and. And this will also prove that he really loves you and he just wants you to be protected. And that you have got him.

He stands by you through good times and bad times. (Sign of sincere and trustworthy boyfriend)
He would always stand by you when you are in difficulty and will help you solve problems whenever in your one. He just wants you to be secured. He will always be there to guard you. He will stay through good times and bad times he will celebrate in good times and when you would’ve achieved something that you really wanted to get. He will not juggle you and will stand by you.

Spending money doesn’t really mean that he has to spend dollars on you just to make you happy. It’s not about how expensive the gift can be or how costly your address is. It’s about how much money he had and how much he spent on you. Even if he had. $100 in his hand, and he spent almost. 80 on you then it means that he spent most of his savings on you, and if he had like. $1000 and he just spent like 300$ or $400 on you. Then that means that he is Not really spending. The that machine you and that means that doesn’t really mean that. He is doing this. The thing with this is that even if you got a more expensive gift then. The one you got before. It’s that how much he spent when you.

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