A Four Week Plan to Sleep Faster in 15 min

How to Sleep Fast?

How can you help yourself in sleeping faster?

Sleep is important in order to have a healthy lifestyle. A four weak plan is made for you in order to have a healthy lifestyle as it will help you sleep faster.

Try it but always know if you are someone capable of it.

You should be able to sleep within 15 minutes when you hit your bed and create the aura but if you don’t then you should know that you are loosing a lot of sleep. Seven to almost nine hours of sleep is required to satisfy each nights sleep. Its an average deal.Training of sleep is important. 30 to 60 minutes more sleep can be attained if you become trained to sleep early and fast. Just change your habits. Try to get habitual of others.


  • Break habits
  • Find new ones
  • Don’t read or watch television
  • This will bring relaxation

First week

Just sleep

These activities like watching television or reading etcetera would just make you believe you need these things in order to sleep. So just sleep. Avoid these activities. Go to bed just to sleep. Avoid other things.

Second Week

Day and Night

Bring advancements into your routine by getting more sunlight. Go outside and expose yourself to light. Plus avoid artificial light like phone brightness etcetera

Third Week

Avoid activities that steal away your sleep

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Stress

They all steal away the sleep.

Fourth Week


People create habits to fulfill before every sleep. This is something connected deeply with sleep.


This 4 week plan will definitely help you sleep faster.  This will increase your sleep hours without disturbing your daily schedule. If this doesn’t help then you should consult a doctor to see whether you don’t have a sleep disorder or not.

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