5 Easy Exercises that help you to lose your weight

Easy Exercises for Better Health and Weight Loss

Do you think that one type of exercise will help you lose all your weight? NO.

Work out is something you need to have time for. But what if I’m busy almost every time.

•      Personal gym training

•      Online workouts

•      Fitness applications

•      Exercise plan

Having these will help you. This will make you fit and make your routine healthy.


•      Trimmed waistline

•      Improved sleep

•      Good mood

•      No anxiety or depression

Need for Exercise Daily?

150 minutes of exercise of a weekly basis is extremely important. Its like a 30 minutes a day. Or just 75 minutes of intense exercise a week. That means a run of 15 minutes daily.

Note that if you are a fresher or you haven’t exercised in a long time and you just want to start, start slowly. Don’t pressure yourself. Like 5 to 10 minutes that’s it. Don’t go with the same process, if you are built perfect enough. Try a suitable plan.

Week plan

A study in UK has proved that good amount of exercise will do you good.

Stand more. Sitting causes many health issues. Like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer etcetera.

Standing is the best key. Watch tv while walking etcetera

Moderate / intense exercise

Everything depends on personal fitness level, if you are well built then a jog wouldn’t help you but If you are weak, a 15 minute run could do you good.

Low intensity

•      Normal walk

•      Stretching

Condition: easy breathing, less sweat almost no, normal talk.

Normal intensity

•      Low speed walk

•      Aerobics

•      Bike ride

•      Hiking

•      Ball sports

Conditions: fast breathing, more sweat, normal talk.

High intensity

•      Jogging

•      Running

•      Swimming (with speed)

•      Skipping rope

•      Martial arts

•      Gymnastics

•      Aerobics

Conditions: really intense, fast breathing almost difficult, breathless, intense sweat

Cardio Exercise

Aerobic exercises tend to use large muscles in rhythms for a time period. It tends to have your heart pump and difficult breathing. And shortness of breath as well. The activities of this type of exercise include:

•      Running

•      Normal walk

•      Aerobics

•      Climbing of stairs

•      Bike riding

•      Dancing


Increases lung capacity, gives strength to muscles and heart, boosts stamina, manages blood pressure and blood sugar. Good memory storage, no mental distractions or discomfort, reduces joint pains, and eases tension


Just walking for 22 minutes daily will make up the time of 2.5 hours of a weekly plan. It will reduce the chances of heart disease and obesity. Just a good pair of shoes is the real requirement for this type of exercise. You don’t need any other equipment for this.

Instead of using q vehicle like a bike or a car, use your legs, work to the destination you want to go and just. Have this kind of exercise as part of your routine.

User work too isn’t up your mind. It will take your mind off of things and it will reduce stress. By this you will get the fresh air you want and you will know that your mood is delighted by this.

Or maybe you know walk with your friends. Go out and have a walk with your workers or colleagues. And make it a social kind of a thing. You will have a good company that will not become tired of walking. It will also strengthen an old point or try to create one.

Walking your pet will also be a good idea. You can be able to walk a dog or. A cat, or maybe if you don’t have one, you can take from the animal shelter and socialize and exercise with dogs.

Mind releasing work is also good ideas. It will help you to leave out the stress and anxiousness out of your body. Plus it will help your body move and be relaxed.


It is usually called power training. It is used to build muscles up in a repetitive motion with elastic bands or weight machines. It is to build the muscles. It is usually done at faster training and High speed.

•      Pushups

•      pull-ups

•      curls

•      squats.

•      Dumbbells

•      Kettle Belts

•      resistant bands

•      Tubes

•      Deadlifts

•      bench presses

•      Weight bars.


Builds and tones the muscles increases muscle Mass. Reduces body fat. And manage is weight loss and gain. It burns the calories.

 You can do this exercise by lifting groceries or having your kids in your hands, or hurrying up the train or bus. But maybe even opening a jar. It just helps you stay active. And helps you have the bone mass that you require.

The pros and gone cons of strength training.

A 20 to 30 minute session twice a week will be enough to have the results in front of you. You don’t need. To have any gym membership or any other equipment. You can easily use a bag or suitcase and fill it up with things and then hold it upwards. This is how you can make. And affordable dumbbell and no other equipment will be needed.

The significance of core strength exercises.

The core exercises usually require the abdominal muscles to be more strengthened and powerful. It will help you maintain a good posture and will help you have daily movements. Which will involve twisting, bending and rotation of your body. It will also help you to elevate and you can see that there will be any more reduction in your back pain.

Flexibility and balance.

It will increase your ability. To have good and flexible joints which will help you move through. And will provide you with good rotation balance. It will help you gain stability and enhanced movements.

•      Stretches

•      yoga

•      Pilates.

•      Tai Chi.

•      Wobble board use.

•      Cycling

•      golf

•      tennis.

•      Hiking,

•      walking.

•      Muscle training.


It helps you to cool down. It warms you up. It would help you in blood circulation and muscle formation.


Satyananda, Lower stretches, flexibility and hard breathing. Good for bigness. And used for stress reduction. Don’t do it more vigorous workout


Gentle. Has stretching. Good and intense breathing. Good for beginners, older adults. And used Ford stress reduction. Should not be done. In Arabics or calorie burn burning at. Workout.


Good for body alignment. And improves body balance and stability, not a whole workout


Fast poses, instant breathing, good for spiritual work out. Not suitable for those people who do t think chanting is good.


Happens in steamed rooms, emphasizes on stamina and good for purification. Intense sweat and high blood pressure follows along. Not good for people who have heart conditions and high blood pressure people.


Brings flexibility, strength and boosts stamina. Good for work out and increases fitness. Not a relaxing thin.


Pilates is just as similar as yoga. It is performed on a mat that helps you have good movement patterns. It is used with resistance machines. This routine requires exercises that will help to build your posture and balance your body.

Tai chi.

It is actually the emphasis on a series of slow and short body movements that help you pose. It is used for balance and is especially made for older adults. It is a safe exercise. That will help you is holding up heavy objects or weights. Plus it also good for constant concentration span.

Always try to consult community centers in order to find local gyms or Pilates studios. Yoga classes are also good for your exercise plan. If not that, use YouTube or other applications in order to be aware of the kind of exercises or steps that yoga and Pilates require. First learn how to do it, then do it thoroughly.

Always talk to your professional instructor in order to ask for forces or programs. They will help you. Your exercise in order to find your exercises. And you will get good and quick results by that.

Learn to find a place where there is easy for you to exercise on your own pace. Don’t be too hyped up in a gym or take a lot of pain when you think it is becoming competitive. Find a low pressure area for yourself.

Don’t workout if you feel discomfort or pain.

Drink ample of water. Always be hydrated.

Always cool down after you do your will workout.

Take a break.

When starting warm up. Nicely and gently when you are starting your stretches.

Always ask your doctor before starting any kind of exercise plan

Commit to an exercise schedule that is balanced and regular and will help you improve yourself physically.

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