5 Best Paratha Recipes For Breakfast – (Protein-Rich)

Best High Protein-Rich Paratha Recipes For A Healthy Breakfast Meal

Proteins are good for our health. Dietary protein has a number of benefits for your body, including building and repair of muscles, strengthens bones and give soft healthy skin. Here are some of the protein-rich paratha recipes to add a taste to your desi breakfast and make it nutritious.


  • Dietary protein is important for building and retaining muscle mass
  • Plant-based protein sources are better than animal sources of protein
  • Sattu paratha, matar paratha and more desi breakfast recipes.

There are three most important macronutrients protein, carbohydrates and fats, and a whole lists of micronutrients, which are also very significant for their diverse and complex roles in helping our body function effectively. The term ‘balanced diet’ may sound intimidating to you due to the seemingly endless list of nutrients that it requires us to achieve it’s benefits, But a big part of perception is how to follow a healthy diet is to first understand the importance of the macronutrients for our body. Protein are essential for building and retaining muscle mass, and is one of the most important nutrients that must be included in your diet daily.

Health Benefits of Protein

Proteins are very important for your body. Dietary protein has a number of benefits for your body, including building and repair of muscles and getting a glowing skin. It is also beneficial for your hair and nails.  A high-protein diet is important to retain muscle mass, which may get influenced due to overindulgence in daily life as well as ageing. This is the reason why athletes and body-builders need an affluence of protein in their diets. The recommended intake of protein which is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram is most commonly followed and accepted most widely followed and accepted daily on the basis of body weight. Protein is present in every single part of our body and it also forms the enzymes that power many chemical reactions in the body.

Your physical activity throughout the day on daily basis decides your protein percentage, the recommended percentage of daily calories is not fixed. The amount of protein that you consume during the day has an impact on your health. Eating high percentage of proteins does not mean you will have extra benefits, it can backfire and leave bad effects. Number of studies has directed that plant-based protein sources are far better for your health then an animal-based sources of protein

Protein-Rich Paratha Recipes

Parathas are the most popular desi breakfast food that is devoured across the subcontinent, as well as by Indians throughout the world. Parathas are the most wanted items that goes with anything like butter, jam as well as numerous gravies. There are some easy to make popular desi style parathas recipe. Parathas are delicious and also rich in protein. Here are some protein-rich breakfast options (paratha recipes) that you can try:

1. Sattu Paratha

Sattu, a brilliant desi gem for places that are hot and humid. It is known as an emerging health food and has recently started getting some recognition in some societies. Sattu is time and again used in preparing native energy drinks more as a summer drink to reduce heat, It is prepared from chickpeas and a can be made with a combination of healthy flours to make a paratha which makes it a great nutritious breakfast ingredient.

2. Green Peas stuffed Paratha

The humble green peas are loaded with good quality protein and are rich in protein and fibers. A 100 gm portion of green peas contains 5 grams of protein according to USDA. It also contains good amounts of dietary fiber. Green peas parathas with unique spices can make your breakfast filling and rich in protein.

3. Dal Paratha

Dal is one of the best sources of plant-based protein among various lentils. There is a whole range of lentils that can be added to whole wheat flour with some spices and made into tasty, healthy parathas. In a number of Indian households, leftover lentil curry or dal is used to make parathas. You can pair dal parathas with green minty chutney and a chilled glass of masala buttermilk.

4. Egg Paratha

Egg is one of the best and cheapest sources of healthy protein that is also widely available. You can have it with paratha or you can have it on the paratha, both are delicious and nutritious. The process of having egg on the paratha by beating a single egg, spice it up with spices of your choice and add it to your parathas for a quick-fix delicious breakfast option that is very rich in protein. This is the best dish for breakfast as it will leave you full throughout the day. Treat your taste buds on this nutrients filled paratha. A combination that can never go wrong, this will keep you fuelled through the day.

5.  Buckwheat Paratha

 Buckwheat which is also called kuttu is a gluten-free and is also a powerhouse of nutrition. A 100 grams serving of buckwheat contains 13 grams of protein, and as per the USDA data it contains10 grams of dietary fibre. It is also rich in calcium, which is important for boosting bone health which results in strong, healthy bones. Kuttu, or buckwheat, is also known as a fasting ingredient and reduces weight. You can savor these parathas on many occasions like navratri festival.

Mindlessly loading up on protein thinking it will repair your skin fast or it will free you from aches in your bones may not be a good idea. To set your diet and get a better idea of how much protein you should be including in your diet, consult your dietitian or a certified nutritionist.

(This article containing advice delivers generic information. These advise can’t be used as a substitute in any way or qualify over medical opinion of a specialist. In any case consult a specialist or your personal doctor first to get a better outcome by diagnosing the problem. FAADI does not claim responsibility for this information.)

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