25+ Things that Make Your Girlfriend Happy – (Guide)

Things that Make Your Girlfriend Happy

It’s not a hard thing for you to make your girl happy, if she really loves you she will not want material things or something expensive, but your attention and the little efforts that you make. They will help you in getting the heart you always wanted in order for you to win her heart. You need to make her feel loved and special and through this your girl’s emotions will make her be drawn to you.

Here are the things you can do to keep your girlfriend filled with joy in her heart.

1. Tell her that you love her.
look her closely in her eyes, hold her hand and tell her how much she means to you. Say those 3 magical words. Look deeper and make her believe in those 8 letters.

The most simple and basic rules of having to be someone. Tell her you love her. Tell her how important she is to you and her worth. Make her feel your world.

2. Write a love letter or leave little notes.
Girls like efforts. Especially old school efforts that means letters, a flower or notes. Writing your girlfriend something and then reading it to her or maybe she reading it herself both would make her feel loved. That will make her day. She will remember this day in the future. You doing this would be the sweetest thing.

3. Surprise her with flowers.
Flowers are the most nicest ways of expressing love and affection, especially for girls. You may drop it at her door step or put it on her side drawer or maybe give it to her in hand. Sending flowers without any occasion will make her feel loved. Just do it unexpectedly.

4. Send her sweet text messages.

  • Send her sweet messages
  • Tell her you miss her
  • Message her constantly so that she doesn’t feel alone.

5. Call her.
Call her. Whenever you are free or take time out for her. Make her feel like you really want to talk to her.

6. Respect her.
Treat her like she is one of the most important people in your life. Give her respect and you will get in return. Treat her like a Princess and she will definitely love you the best. Make her satisfied with all you do. This is where you can make her the most happy.

7. Make her feel secure.
Make her feel like she is protected When she is with you. Try to help her in her problems. And give her the assurance that she can count on you. And whenever she is in need, you will always be by her side. This will help her in knowing that there is nothing that can put her down as you will be there to protect her always.

8. Compliment her.
Girls love it when someone compliments them. Always try to compliment them, appreciate them and say good and nice things to her. Appreciate her looks or the way she dresses or how she looks on that specific day. Tell her something unique which will make her remember the words you said to her.

9. Listen to her.
Always pay attention on what she is saying and how she saying. She will always remember your attention that you give to her whenever she tells you anything about it. Because if you listen to her carefully, that will make you remember it. And because of this, she will be able to think that you always concentrate on what she says. This is what she will think love looks like.

10. Spend time with her.
 Always try to spend most of the time with her, never try to ignore her or ditch her go out with your friends whenever you think. But always take opinion on that. Whenever. You feel alone or you think that she will be going to miss you. Talk to her or spend more time with her. This will make her feel loved and will be appreciated of herself as she will think that you really enjoy her company. This is one of the most important things you have to consider in every relationship.

11. Give her surprise gifts.
Plan surprises for her. This is the good thing about surprises that people tend to put more effort into it as this will show her that you have been planning for this for awhile just to make her happy. She will feel that you really care about her happiness.

12. Pamper her.
 Always nurture her and do things that are not necessary but she wants to. She wants you to do it. Even though it’s not something that should be necessarily done that because of this, she will think that you are pampering her and she will love to be treated like a Princess.

13. Make her laugh.
Girls like funny guys. They will always love to have a good laughter with someone they love. Try to make funny faces or tell her jokes or create a natural informal environment for her. This will make your relationship easy going and going with the flow relationship.

14. Say sorry to her, sincerely. 
Always say sorry to her when you make a mistake, but when it is not your mistake, try to apologize even when there is a fight because this will make her realize that even when it was not you who are at fault, you tried to apologize and try to make things right. By this, she will think that she is the most important human being in your life. And plus she will also realize her mistake and be able to think that you wanted to work the relationship and ego is not your problem.

15. Give her a hug.
Always give her hug when she is sad or even when she’s happy. Hugs are the most sincere forms of expressing love.

16. Make her feel special.
Make her feel special by making efforts and doing unique things for her. Put effort in proving that you really love her. Make her feel that she is unique and not ordinary.

17. Thank her in every little effort she does.
Always thank her in even little things that she does for you. This will make her feel like you are the most grateful guy she has ever met and that you can get happy even in the smallest things that she will do for you.

18. Cook for her.
Cooking is something not most guys do, but This is something a girl would really appreciate or think of it as the most biggest effort a guy can do in order to win her heart.

19. Hold her hand in public.
Hold her hand in public and tell her that you are not ashamed to be associated with her. Make her feel comfortable in telling and showing it to others that she is the one you belong to. By this she will feel. Very overwhelmed and happy.

20. Always be there to lend a hand.
Always try to be there when she needs help. Be the first one she ever heard asks help from. Be available for her whenever she is in need. Because of this, she will think of you as her savior and confidante

21. Include her in decision-making.
Always include her whenever you are deciding a huge thing for yourself. This will make her feel like that her opinion also matters in your life. Plus she will think that. You are considering her in order to. To decide what to do with your life or for the future.

22. Be sweet to her.
Always be sweet to her and tell her those three magical words whenever she feels sad Or anything. Do the small efforts that you do in order to make her happy. Don’t try to make her feel jealous or question her love for you.

23. Set a romantic date.
Always plan your dates and make it special as she will think that she that he you wants to make little memories with her.

24. Be loyal to her.
Loyalty is the key to successful and healthy relationships. And. Never dry, plus cheating is something that would ruin your bond with your girl. Always be loyal with her in whatever way possible. She will think of you as you will always be hers.

25. Be nice to her friends and family.
Be nice to the people she is acquainted with as she will think that those are the people you also think of them as important in your life. Make her feel confident in being with you. Plus any problems that you face in the future. You will be able to solve them correctly.

26. Share things with her.
What belongs to you is what belongs to her. Always try to share stuff and never make it personal as in a relationship you never buy things for yourself only. It is for the both of you. This will strengthen your born as sharing things does that.

27. Go on a trip together.
Plan on going out with her. Try planning trips together in order to strengthen your bond as these are the experiences that will make you know each other the best. Exploring each others emotions in different scenarios.

28. Show her that you’re interested in her interests.
Always show her that you are interested in whatever she is interested in. you don’t always have to actively participate in it, but you can always appreciate or try to talk about it so that she knows that there is a mutual connection between you.

29. Value her point of view.
Value her point of view. Tell her that her opinion is very important and that you will respect her in whatever she thinks is right or wrong.

30. Be true to your words; be true to your actions.
 Always be true on what you’re saying and onward you are doing. Never lie to her because honesty is the key. To a successful relationship. Lying is something girls head as this ruins every emotion that was created before. Never be a liar or a pretender. Always be loving and tell her what your heart feels.

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