10+ Signs and Actions that a Girl is Jealous of other

10+ Things Girls Do when They get Jealous of other

Jealousy is normal when concerned with girls. They get possessive, especially when it has a person who they love dearly. Most girls think that jealousy is a way of saying that I’m afraid to loose you.

1. Lying 
They are good at hiding their emotions. You will get complicated answers to simple questions.

2. Suddenly changing mood
She will just have a mood switch when you are flirting with someone else. So don’t. They are naturally moody so they will get strange.

3. Asking a friend to stalk
They would just want to know what you are doing everytime. They will stalk you and go out with friends just to follow you.

4. Ignoring him
She will maybe just ignore you. Girls usually try to play hard to get whenever they’re jealous, they just wont talk to you. Unless you do a huge effort in order to please them and know what is the wrong thing that you did that made them that way.

5. Trying to flirt with other men
She will just try to flirt with other men in order to make you jealous because she is already jealous of you as she’s doubting you. She will just want to get your attention as more as she can get. You will know her behavior when she does that. She will just want to see if you care about it or not it.

6. Mentioning other guys in front of him
She will just try to mention other guys names in front of you just so that she can make you jealous. As she is already jealous of your actions, she will try to make you the same.

7. Pretending to be too busy
She will just show you that she doesn’t really need you in her life and she will try to make herself busy or even pretend to be busy just so that you have an impression that there is no space of you in it.Would be instances where she will just have a phone in hand and just use it regarding the fact that she will just not want to use it, but she will just show you that she is really busy. Like pretending to talking to a friend or her sister etc.

8. Laughing out loud even though there’s nothing funny about
She reduced laugh out loud in front of you even though there is not really a reason to laugh on something like that. It will just happen no matter how stupid she looks. It will just being to put out side her jealousy.

9. Creating a dummy account
She will just create a dummy account to stalk on her boyfriend’s social media accounts and check if she’s having a cheating issue in her relationship or is he involved in some other girl or not he is just keeping an eye on her boyfriend and something she thinks will be the best way to keep the enemy closer to her

10. Posting hot selfies
She will post hot pictures of herself. A tiny outfit etcetera or gym clothes just to flaunt herself.

11. Making negative comments about the girls
The one she thinks you’re involved with she will just make negative comments about in order to make your mind get off of her. She will not say positive things about her and dig up dirt to hit on the target.

12. Checking his phone
She will take her boyfriend’s phone. To see if there is anything that could be found. Which would relate to her.

13. Fake illness
Just faking an illness so that she will know how much you care about her. If you were taking care of her as she is not feeling well. She will just do this type of things on your reserve days. So then she will know if you are there for her, this is just a pretending thing. It’s not true.

14. Talking sarcastically
They will just be sarcastic in front of you. Especially when they are jealous. Laughing and grinning etc just because of that.

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