12 Common Reasons For Divorce

Most Common Reasons For Divorce:

Breaking up is hard to do, but divorce is a whole lot of thing. All of these things lead to an obvious split. Some good old days too. Actually no relationship at all at the end.

Presumably you just wanted to be together and obviously get married at the end but it is obviously hard when you

Divorce is like a slow burn, you just have to go through that over and over again in order to. See what you’re going to have next because you just lost the person you lived with for a whole lot of time.

 There are obviously reasons for divorce and this is what the psychologist and counselors have come up with.

1. Communication gap

The basic fundamental of a relationship Is communication as it is very important to have? A healthy relationship going on. But it can break it when there are many disagreements or commitment issues or maybe communication problems as there are many communication gaps between.

2. Falling Out Of Love

Most important reason that can be seen is that people just fall out of love. It is just that there is no connection or interest left in between in order to elongate the relationship that they’re in. This is what happens when there is a lead in divorce.

3. There’s No Intimacy

The lack of physical affection and intimacy and proximity leads to divorce as it just shows you how much disconnection the couple has. Connection in bed or having to be going along sexually and physically is something that would lead to a happy relationship, but the lacking of it would obviously lead to divorce.

4. No partnership Anymore

A good relationship means that you have a partner for life, but you just don’t feel like there is any partnership. There is no unit that you have with your spouse. You just feel loneliness and disconnection in your marriage. And this is where you will think that there is no point of being together which will obviously lead to a divorce.

5. You Weren’t Ready For Marriage

When you don’t think you’re ready for marriage, you tend to only like the idea of it, and that is when you make a mistake. Maybe you just rushed the idea and now you know that you have made a huge mistake and that is when you know that you were never ready for it. Different values and different objectives would lead you to have a different opinion and that is when you will think that you chose the wrong person. Or maybe you weren’t in the position to marry as the maturity level that you have is different than your partner.

6. Addiction

Maybe because you have other addictions like drugs, alcohol and other stuff. And that is what is causing a breach in your relationship. These kind of habits will ruin the bond you have with your partner and it is like a damaging vice that will lead you to divorce

7. Domestic Abuse

Verbal to physical then to emotional and then to sexual. This is the cycle of abuse that can lead to a divorce. No one would want to live in that circumstance.

8. Cheating

Cheating on your partner, having thoughts about someone else or having sexual fantasies about someone who is not your partner. This is where everything goes down.

9. Lack Of Emotional Support

Disrespect, disrespect, undermining personality, no heat, no spark hence no connection. These things lead to an unhealthy marriage often leading to a dead end which is unfortunately the divorce.

10. They’re Just Done

They are just baring with it. Just trying with a loose end. Saving the nonsurvivable relationship. Boredom and resentment leading to a divorce

11. Financial Issues

No fulfillment if needs, wage issues and constant disagreements and arguments regarding financial issues. No compensation to a compromise. This unending stubbornness of not compromising an just complaining about the issue

12. Lost Sense Of Self

This relationship could give you the meaning of your life but it can take away your identity as well. You just loose yourself when you are trying to save the ending relationship. You see no progress. So you leave. You get a divorce

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